Emerson College TEAM
Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts has collaborated with the Rosarito Film Festival for 8 years. Lead by Dr. Gregory Payne of the Communications Department, students are selected to come to Rosarito to work first hand with the film students in a two week public relations campaign. Emerson students work closely with the Rosarito locals to learn about life in Mexico, and share their stories with the rest of the world. 
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Dr. Gregory Payne
Dr. Payne is the chair of Communication Studies at Emerson College in Boston. He initiated the Emerson/Rosarito connection about eight years ago in an effort to teach students about public diplomacy, while supporting the Rosarito community. 

Andrew Geiger
Andrew Geiger is a prospective student for Emerson College. Geiger is an aspiring Business of Creative Enterprise major with a focus in the video game industry. A dream of his is to be a Creative Director for a video game production studio that he helped to found. His other interests are photography and making short films of his own. 

Cabot Lee Petoia
Cabot Lee is a senior undergraduate student working on a Political Communications major/ Philosophy minor. She grew up in rural NC with seven younger siblings, where she spent her time hiking, swimming, mountain climbing, and camping. Her life in Boston has involved working as a server, student­ing, dancing, and reading every book she could cram into her free time. She has also been involved in lots of advocacy work, including acting as campus leader for Democracy Matters this past year, in an effort to get big money out of politics. Cabot Lee plans to move to Washington D.C. this fall, and hopes to get some hands­on experience in policy research.

Nalintip "Eve" Kachasumrit
Nalintip Kachasumrit is working toward a Master’s Degree at Emerson College in the field of Communication Management, focusing on Public Relations. She is a public relations practitioner who is keen to learn new trends and acquire knowledge to improve her abilities. This includes using social media and new communication technologies to reach audiences, communities, citizens, governments, media, and consumers. Reputation management is her core skill that she has practiced as a public relations specialist with the Thai government. She defines herself as a person who never stops moving forward.

Srinivasan  "Srini" Krishnamoorthy
Srini is a graduate student in health communications, who as a life science researcher, successfully conducted and communicated research studies to the scientific community. Srini is in a career transition into health communication with a commitment towards public health advocacy.
As a research scientist working in the field of cancer biology for 15 years, Srini's research career includes positions like Research Fellow, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Principal Scientist and Research Faculty at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, where he enjoyed interacting with colleagues who helped me refine my approach to research problems in biological pathways that regulate cancer. He has successfully conducted and communicated research to the scientific community through publications in peer-reviewed journals and presentations in scientific conferences.  

Amelia Semprebon
Amelia Semprebon is a junior Sports Communications major with a minor in Marketing Communications. Her abroad experiences in Lisbon and Barcelona helped her realize the importance of connections on a global level to enact change. She is a soccer fanatic and aspires to work with FC Barcelona in the future.

Shailagh  "Shay" Sinnott
Shailagh is a Communication Management Graduate student with a focus in public relations at Emerson College. She is currently the Director of Media Relations and PR at a small elementary school in Milton, Massachusetts, where Shay uses social media to promote the school and publishes weekly press releases in local newspapers. She also works as a production assist with major television networks such as ESPN, ABC and NBC. Some of Shay's favorite experiences in television production have been working on Dancing with the Stars, ESPN World Series 2013 & 2015, and the past four Boston Marathon broadcasts. Shay hopes to someday work in children's television.

Jaruwan "Honey" Sumngarm
Originally from Thailand, Honey is currently in Boston as a graduate student at Emerson College studying Communication Management, concentrating in Public Relation and Stakeholder. She got her undergraduate degree in Information System in Management from Mahidol University International College, Thailand. As she is an extrovert and friendly person; she enjoy meeting and socializing with new friends from a variety of different cultures from many countries. She is interested in event planning industry in which she wants to be an event planner as her future career.

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